We will be Hosting a Carbine Match on June 29, 2016. This match will be open to all Pistol Caliber  Carbines. The match will also open to all center fire calibers below 300 win mag.

We will be shooting three stages for a total round count around 90 rounds. One thirty round magazine will be enough to complete all course of fire.

The match will be run as a COLD RANGE. All guns must be empty and cased or chamber flagged when not on the firing line. If the gun is not cased it must be chamber flagged. If the gun is flagged the expectation is that it is placed on a cart or worn on a sling. Proper muzzle discipline will be expected even when flagged. A case is strongly encouraged. We have chamber flags for sale at the range for $1. All guns must be flagged.

We will be shooting three divisions only.

Open: If your gun has a scope, light, or laser mounted on it you will be shooting open. Even if the light or laser is not used.

Limited: Iron sights only.

Rimfire Optic: 

Rimfire Iron Sights:

This is not a USPSA match but it will be run with USPSA safety rules and range commands.

We will be using hit factor for scoring purposes. All shooters regardless of caliber will be scored Minor to help encourage accuracy during the course of fire.

Parabellum has chamber flags available for purchase for a dollar.

Parabellum can rent you an AR or AK for the match. Rental is $15 in addition to the match. All ammo for range guns must be purchased at the range.

Limiting the match to 25 shooters. Please only sign up for 1 division at this time. If the match does not fill we will open it up for shooting a second division.

The shooters meeting will begin at 5:45pm. If you do not attend the shooters meeting you cannot participate in the match.


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