Parabellum Firearms and Range takes great pride in its friendly and knowledgeable instructor corp. All Parabellum Instructors are required to qualify twice a year with a pistol in order to instruct even our introductory courses. In order to teach our Ladies Guided Shoot or Introduction to Firearms the instructors are required to shoot the qualification course without a single miss. All instructors that teach our more advanced classes are required to pass the FBI Instructors Qualification Course.

The instructor corp engages in monthly in house training sessions in order to continually improve the quality of our instruction, and to increase the depth of our knowledge. In addition to in house professional development our instructor corp seeks out additional training whenever possible.


Meet our Instructors:



Aron Bright

USPSA Master Class Shooter

Rangemaster Certified Instructor

USPSA Range Officer

USPSA Match Director

Firearms Instructor since 2008

Full Time Teacher with 24 Years experience

Passed FBI Instructor Qualification

For further bio information:


Charlie Thomas

NRA Certified Instructor

Glock Armorer

Smith and Wesson Armorer

Passed FBI Instructor Qualification