Copy of Point Series 2016-2017









Newbie Matches:

These are a great introduction to USPSA competition. The clients will shoot four short or medium courses of fire during this match and will receive a score as though it were a match. The safety rules and procedures will be explained, divisions, classifications, scoring system will all be explained. The shooters will experience a USPSA match and its challenges in a low pressure atmosphere. Each person will need a gun (9mm or larger) holster, belt three magazines, mag pouches and ear and eye protection.

Team Parabellum: (contingency program)

We are proud to announce for the 2017 shooting season the Team Parabellum Contingency Program. Team Parabellum members can earn in store credit throughout the 2017 shooting season. In store credit can be earned at sanctioned club matches and sanctioned major matches. All Parabellum USPSA matches, Wabash Valley Practical Pistol Shooters USPSA matches, Atlanta Conservation Club USPSA matches are sanctioned matches for the 2017 season. The Indiana Section Championship, SNS Casting USPSA match and the Single Stack/Production Match are sanctioned for this contingency program.  All Parabellum USPSA matches count for double the amounts listed below.

Member benefits:

  • $100 for winning the division at a major match (minimum of 5 shooters in division)
  • $25 for winning class at a major match (minimum of 3 shooters in class or category)
  • $25 for winning division at a sanctioned club match (minimum of 5 shooters in division)
  • $10 for winning class or category at a sanctioned club match (minimum of 3 shooters in class)
  • One team member will be awarded a free slot to the Indiana Section Match
  • One team member will be awarded a free slot to the SNS Casting Match
  • One team member will be awarded a free slot to the Single Stack/Production Match

In order to qualify for in store credit the team member must be wearing the team shirt at the match. The team member must supply a picture or video from the match for use in advertising and promotion. The team member must report the winning of the division, class or category to Parabellum.

Cost for the Team Parabellum shirt will be $50. Team shirts must be purchased from us. Orders for shirts will be taken until January 15, 2017. Membership into Team Parabellum will cease for 2017 at that time.

In store credit can be used as cash on anything at Parabellum, but will hold no cash value.

If you are interested in joining the Team Parabellum Contingency Program email me:

Summer USPSA Matches:

There will be one match per month. Registration will open at 5:45 pm, Shooters meeting at 6:15pm and first shot by 6:30 pm. The summer matches will be one flight only and limited to 20 shooters. The hope is that folks new to USPSA will be able to give it a try, and that veterans will get some trigger time on Wednesdays. If these fill and the demand is present we will add matches.







Match Name Match Date Register/Pay
July 5th 3 classifiers 07/05/2017 Reg\Pay
USPSA 07/19/2017 Reg\Pay
USPSA 08/16/2017 Reg\Pay
USPSA 09/13/2017 Reg\Pay