USPSA Matches are run in two flights. The first flight will begin by 5:30pm and normally closer to 5:15pm. The second flight will start by 8:00 pm. Shooters should arrive before those times and be gunned up and ready to go. There is a short sign in process. If you cannot attend the shooters meeting do not sign up for the first flight.



Team Parabellum: (contingency program)

We are proud to announce for the 2018 shooting season the Team Parabellum Contingency Program. Team Parabellum members can earn in store credit throughout the 2018 shooting season. In store credit can be earned at sanctioned club matches. All Parabellum USPSA matches, Wabash Valley Practical Pistol Shooters USPSA matches, Atlanta Conservation Club USPSA matches are sanctioned matches for the 2018 season.

Member benefits:

  • $25 for winning division at a sanctioned club match (minimum of 5 shooters in division)
  • $10 for winning class or category at a sanctioned club match (minimum of 3 shooters in class)

In order to qualify for in store credit the team member must be wearing the team shirt at the match. The team member must supply a picture or video from the match for use in advertising and promotion. The team member must report the winning of the division, class or category to Parabellum.

Cost for the Team Parabellum shirt will be $50. Team shirts must be purchased from us. Orders for shirts will be taken until January 1, 2018. Membership into Team Parabellum will cease for 2018 at that time. Shirts purchased in 2017 are good for 2018.

In store credit can be used as cash on anything at Parabellum, but will hold no cash value.

If you are interested in joining the Team Parabellum Contingency Program email me:

Carry Gun Match

Match Date: September 12, 2018

Time: Shooters Meeting 6:00 pm sharp First shot immediately after.

Anyone not at the shooters meeting will not be able to shoot the match.

Place: Parabellum Firearms and Indoor Range

Cost: $20 Shooters must sign up/ pay online.

The philosophy behind this match is for it to be a shooting test as related to real world, every day carry that any armed civilian may encounter. It will be a match since we are keeping score. There will not be gun restrictions, nor caliber restrictions. The courses of fire will always be between one and twelve shots. A shooter will have to do a mandatory reload after a sixth shot in courses of fire requiring more than six shots.


There will be two divisions. Open, which is anything goes. Limited, which means no optics, lasers, lights, or ported barrels. The gun must be worn to the match and worn from the match. There will be no safe area for gun handling. The gun must remain in the holster except when on the firing line under the direct observation and authority of the range officer. After completing each course of fire the shooter will change magazines and safely re-holster and therefore be ready for the next course of fire. Prior to each course of fire the shooter will be given the opportunity for a press check. No sight pictures maybe taken during the press check.


This match will be shot from concealment. The gun and holster must be completely concealed while standing with both arms extended and raised to the shoulder level. All reloads must come from a concealed position on the belt or from a pocket.



Ear and Eye protection

Holster that securely attaches to a belt (No ankle or shoulder holsters)

2 magazines or speed loaders (3 would be best)

Must be present for the shooters meeting. Late shooter will not be admitted and no refund will be issued.


What: Introduction to USPSA

Where: Parabellum Firearms and Range

When: Monday December 3, 2018 6pm to 9 pm

Cost: $60

Instructor: Aron Bright

Required gear: Pistol, 9mm or larger, 2 magazines, holster for pistol, belt, Eye and ear protection, 200 rounds of ammunition



This course is designed for people that are interested in USPSA competition but are not sure what is involved with competition shooting. This class will explain the rules and the scoring of the sport and create a level of comfort prior to the first match. USPSA competition is fun and challenging at the same time. Anyone who can safely handle a pistol is capable of participating in USPSA shooting. Competing in USPSA will improve you shooting and your gun handling skills. Many people do not participate because they do not understand the rules and the shooting challenges that are involved. A few hours of training will help folks be more comfortable with shooting competitions and will greatly enhance the experience.


This class will start in the classroom for an hour or so. The classroom portion of the class will cover philosophy of USPSA, safety rules and procedures, classification of shooters, and the division of equipment involved in the sport. The class will then move to the range where the range commands will be demonstrated and practices with each shooter. Each client will be run through some practice courses of fire so that will have some experience shooting prior to their first match.


The live fire session on the range will also include some technique and coaching advice on how to shoot more accurately and more effectively in a match.






Match Name Match Date Register/Pay
USPSA Jan 23 Flight 1 01/23/2019 Reg\Pay
USPSA Jan 23 Flight 2 01/23/2019 Reg\Pay
USPSA Feb 6 Flight 1 02/06/2019 Reg\Pay
USPSA Feb 6 Flight 2 02/06/2019 Reg\Pay
Carry Gun Match 02/13/2019 Reg\Pay
USPSA Feb 20 Flight 1 02/20/2019 Reg\Pay
USPSA Feb 20 Flight 2 02/20/2019 Reg\Pay
Carry Gun Match 02/27/2019 Reg\Pay
USPSA March 6 Flight 1 03/06/2019 Reg\Pay
USPSA March 6 Flight 2 03/06/2019 Reg\Pay
Carry Gun Match 03/13/2019 Reg\Pay
USPSA March 20 Flight 1 03/20/2019 Reg\Pay
USPSA March 20 Flight 2 03/20/2019 Reg\Pay