What Does it Take to be Armed

Exciting class to be offered in September for more information: Managing Confrontations

 New on the Rental Wall:

Smith and Wesson Shield in .45 ACP

Mossberg 500 with 18.5″ barrel plus a Stevens 320 with pistol grip stock and ghost ring sights.  Both shotguns are ideal for home defense.

Daytime Memberships Now Available:

We now have daytime memberships available for $250. These memberships are valid Monday – Friday from 10 am until 4 pm. These memberships are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Free Range Time:

Starting June 12, 2016 until October 1, 2016 the purchase of a new gun at Parabellum will include thirty hours of free range time for the purchaser of the firearm. The range time must be used within thirty days of the purchase, and is limited to one hour of free time per day.

 Ladies Developmental Shooting

This class is the next step following our Ladies Guided shoot. This class is designed to help the new shooters become more comfortable with shooting a handgun. This class will involve shooting one hundred and fifty rounds of .22 ammunition. The gun and ammo will be included in the price of the class. This class has been designed to increase marksmanship skills, build safe gun handling habits, and increase comfort levels handling and shooting. In order to be enrolled in the Ladies Developmental Shooting class you must have taken our Ladies Guided Shoot previously. All gear needed for the class is provided.

Cost: $80

Next Class: Monday October 24, 2016

Looking for a new 9mm!!

Are you looking to purchase your first hand gun? Have you shopped around but are still not sure what handgun you should purchase? The Parabellum 9mm smorgasbord is the perfect place to shoot a variety handguns. This provides a great opportunity to try before you buy. Before putting your money down on a handgun, know that it fits your hand, and the recoil is suitable for you.

The guns will be laid out in the shooting stalls and the shooters will rotate from stall to stall with 100 rounds of ammo and target. Parabellum staff will be on hand to direct the process, and assist as needed. All participants in this process should have some prior gun training or experience. This is not an event for people who have never shot before. This is an event to try a variety of handguns. It is not training. It is not a class. If you have completed Intro to Firearms, or the Ladies Guided Shoot or a more advanced class you are ready for this event. We will have Parabellum staff on hand for assistance and advice as needed. All gear will be provided.

Cost $65
Next Event: October 22, 2016
Registration at 7:30am
Shooting starts at 7:45 am and will be completed by 9am.

The Following Guns will be available:

  • Glock 17
  • Glock 19
  • Glock 26
  • Glock 43
  • FNS 9
  • Springfield XDS
  • Springfield XD9
  • Bersa BP9
  • Smith & Wesson M&P
  • Smith & Wesson 9c
  • Smith & Wesson Shield
  • Ruger LC9s
  • Beretta 92 FS
  • Kahr CM9



 Gun Handling 101!!

This two hour class will teach fundamental shooting and gun handling skills. The purpose of the class is to provide further instruction to the new and novice shooter following NRA Basic Class, Intro to Firearms, or the Ladies Guided Shoot. The student will be instructed in the proper grip, trigger control, loading, unloading, magazine changes, table top pick-ups, and draw stroke from the holster, and introduced to shot calling.

  • Dates: Wednesday October 5, 2016  6:30pm – 8:30pm
  • registration: 6:00pm sharp (must be present for the safety briefing to participate)
  • Cost: $50 per person

Required gear:

  • Gun, holster, belt, two magazines, ammo and a mag pouch.
  • 150 rounds of center fire pistol ammo for your gun
  • Holster should allow one handed re-holstering
  • (holster should not collapse when the gun is drawn)


If your interested in seeing what a USPSA shoot looks like, check out our videoUSPSA “Classifier” July 8th Video

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** GROUPON Purchases **



For anyone making our Groupon purchases please call the range to schedule the classes they wish to take.


Parabellum Now Offering Professional Firearms Cleaning

If you do not have the time or simply do not like cleaning your firearms after each outing, you may want to consider having your firearms professionally cleaned utilizing our “ULTRASONIC” cleaner.

$15 for handguns

$20 for long guns


Now offering “LOYALTY CARDS!!”

When you come to the range and rent a shooting lane. Pickup our Loyalty Card and have it stamped. After your 5th stamp your 6th lane rental is FREE!!


Parabellum Lunch Special

Monday thru Friday from 11:00a.m. to 2:00p.m.

Lanes will be $8 for half hour or $13 for an hour!

Spend your lunch at Parabellum!!